The 90-Minute Breakthrough Audition Video Program to Help You Audition Your Best.


Get the tools and tips you need to impress casting directors, directors and producers..and have more FUN than ever auditioning and working on set.

Award-winning actor and celebrated acting coach Benson Simmonds has created this comprehensive downloadable video program to help all actors, from beginners to advanced working professionals. Benson shows you step-by-step how to take control of your auditions and book more work than ever in film,  television, dish TV, and theater.

  • Learn proven and effective tools to help you analyze your script and personalize your audition with passion, depth and personality.
  • Learn the secrets to developing onscreen chemistry (and authentic sexual chemistry)
  • Discover tips on how to play many different kinds of parts, including “power” and “exposition” roles.
  • Learn how to channel your fear and nerves into giving your best auditions ever.
  • Feel more confident at your auditions as Benson shows you how to use the “law of attraction” to change the way you feel when you walk into your audition room and meet casting directors, producers and directors.

Watch these FREE excerpts from Benson’s
Master Your Audition Program!

There are over 30 segments featured in this 90-minute one-of-a-kind audition video.

PLUS – you get 2 FREE BONUS segments

  1. Affirmations specifically tailored for actors and audition
  2. Never revealed secrets on how to shift from being a fear-based ego actor to being a super confident SOUL actor. These powerful techniques are from Benson’s soon to be published book entitled Soular Power.

Get the personal encouragement you need to succeed!

Play this video consistently before auditions and you will have more fun, feel more confident and jump start the career of your dreams!

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