Watch “Another Happy Day” and see GREAT performances to inspire YOU to get out there!!

January 3, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!

2012 has arrived and with it a sense of excitement, newness
and the feeling of striding confidently through a doorway marked “unlimited possibilities” (also known as the door to your audition room)!! Woohoo!

As actors, it’s the time to let yourself dream BIG!  I’s also the time to set clear measurable goals for the year and  and to reinvest in yourself and in your craft!

First off, thanks for all the great comments from the actors all over the world who are one step ahead of the crowd and who are already using the tool, tips and techniques from the MASTER YOUR AUDITION 90-minute program. I’m applauding you for being proactive and for believing in yourself and your talents. Continue to feel free to write me with your questions and comments. Feel free to share them for me and our Master Your Audition community on my facebook page, AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” our page

One of the best ways to get inspired is to watch really great acting work that’ll blow you away and get you super motivated to share your own talents with the world. About a month ago I saw a film with some of the most amazing acting moments of 2011 called ANOTHER HAPPY DAY. It should have OSCAR nominations for Ellen Burstyn, Ellen Barkin, and Demi Moore. Also, big-time attention is coming for Ezra Miller, Kate Bosworth and Daniel Yelsky who play Ellen Barkin’s emotionally wounded kids.

I’m so proud of everyone involved with this movie because it’s gutsy and kick-ass!

Ellen Barkin is amazing, particularly becuase most of her work has been playing tough or sexy tough women and here she plays this incredibly emotionally vulnerable and fragile, yet strong woman who breaks our hearts. It’s the kind of work that every teacher, including me!!, hopes to inspire in their students becuase it was so honest, and committed. When her husband confesses that he hit her in front of her whole family, and she looks to her mother for a flicker of approval and acknowledgement and doesn’t get it, amazing moment!!. And then the audience gasps when her father (George Kennedy) acknowledges her ex husband for “getting it off his chest” but doesn’t give Ellen Barkin’s character any support.. Or when Ellen Burstyn as Ellen Barkin’s mother is crying about the impending loss of her husband and she asks “what did I do to deserve this?”  Ellen Barkin looks at her with such rage, though she suppresses it, that it rocks!

Ellen Burstyn kicks butt and the scene with her and Ellen Barkin at the kitchen table in the middle of the night should be what earns her the OSCAR nomination.

And Demi Moore? It’s the best work I think she’s ever done. Demi Moore’s performance is “balls to the walls” (the term my longtime acting teacher Ivana Chubbuck would inspire us to do)!! She’s so good and so present and she looks like she is having a blast!

Of course it helps when the writing is bold, brutally honest and so dead-on that it’s almost impossible to believe it was written by 22-year-old Sam Levinson, mega-talented son of Barry Levinson. Sam Levinson also directed it. In my opinion it’s the director who always sets the barre for the level of acting on any film and Levinson demands 100% honestly..more than that…it’s like he’s personally encouraged every actor to take huge risks, commit emotionally and really go to depths that most actor shy away from.

Now it’s definitely an intense movie…this family is so dysfunctional it’ll make you appreciate your own less dysfunctional family. And if your family is this dysfunctional, then say thank you to them because they’ve given you enough “issues” that you’ll be able to use them to fuel your own hugely successful acting career for the next 40 years!!

So check out the trailer,

You can watch the movie on netflix or any other video-on-demand site.

Check it out and let me know what you thought of the movie and the performances

feel free to leave your questions and comments for myself and our MASTER YOUR AUDITION community of actors

all the best and blessings


p.s. check out this backstage review of Another Happy Day  

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