Was “The Blob” actually giant egg yokes?

August 27, 2012

Was “the BLOB” actually a giant egg yoke?

Ever since I went into 24 hour fitness and told the manager Jacob Hoffman that I wanted him to put my head over Brad Pitt’s body, I’ve been on a slow, fiercely fun  path to get a real 6-pack! For the past 8 months I’ve been eating 6 small meals daily. Two of those meals consist partly of 9 egg whites. Today as I was separating the egg whites from the yolks, I started to wonder what I could do not to waste the yolks…Was their a “Save the Yolks” foundation? Should I start one? Should I google what to do with egg yolks? To alleviate what was quickly becoming an escalating guilt spiral I began searching the net but quickly found my way back to my unanswered emails. And then I heard the sound…plop, plop, dribble..I assumed it was coming from outside and resumed prioritizing answering my emails and then the sound increased. And from the corner of my eye, somehow the egg yolks were spilling over the top of the garbage can and had amassed into a precarious and somewhat disturbing giant yellow morass on the kitchen floor! Were the egg yolks trying to communicate? I assumed they were reminding me to get back to google in order to search for something productive to do with them?

The idea of waste continued to inhabit my thoughts. Was the BLOB from the BLOB movie a giant conglomeration of egg yolks? Or maybe the BLOB was a metaphor for waste, wasting food, wasting resources and perhaps most importantly, wasting time? That’s it, perhaps The BLOB was the collective energy of all of our wasted time coming back to haunt us and consume us…So perhaps the BLOB, the egg yolks and who knows what else are there as gentle or not so gentle reminders for us not to waste anything.

We can all pretty much agree on what wasted food and wasted natural resources look like, but what does wasted time look like? Of course we all need down time to re-energize, but perhaps the message is about not wasting opportunities, not stepping back out of fear but committing to giving more, loving more and appreciating more in each day. I mean what is a wasted opportunity but the energy in potential to create something. So where does that energy go? Is there a repository somewhere for wasted time?

Well, my friends my challenge to you is to STOP FEEDING the proverbial BLOB and commit to not wasting anymore time. Commit to joyously accomplishing more, loving more, appreciating every moment more and being there for yourself and others more than EVER!

And it’s time to stop wasting time not following your dream career! If you haven’t bought POWER UP YOUR ACTING CAREER, what are you waiting for?


If you’re not working, then start doing something RIGHT NOW. Even if it’s just putting a monologue on tape. Feel free to SEND ME A COPY of your taped monologues and maybe I can pick a few and send them out in my next communication to share with everyone. Or commit to writing and producing a short film. But join the FIGHT THE BLOB CAMPAIGN and stop wasting time not doing the things you love!

All the best and blessings




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