CAN you NAME THE OBJECTIVE in this scene from Titanic?

November 5, 2011

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Name the Objective series which I’ll be sharing with you on an ongoing basis.

If you’ve purchased MASTER YOUR AUDITON, then you already know the “OBJECTIVE” of the scene is the most important part of script analysis for auditions and for working on set. The objective in the scene is what each character wants/needs from the other character in the scene. The objective is what drives the scene for each actor. So it’s super important to learn to analyze you audition script and get good at identifying your scene objective. Remember you start by saying, “if I were in this character’s shoes, what would I need from the other character?”. Always state the objective as, “I need the other character to……..”

Also remember that the character objective is SUBCONSCIOUS. They may not be aware consciously of their objtctive but as actors, we need to consciously identify the objective and then go after that objective with passion in the scene.

It’s great practice to watch scenes in film and TV and try to figure out what each character wants in the scene.

Here’s a scene from Titanic between Kate Winslett and Leo Di Caprio.

Write me and tell me what you think the correct objective is for each character in the scene.

Once I’ve received enough of your answers I will let you know what the objective is for each character. Have fun!!

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