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November 5, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Because I’ve always been a full service kind of acting coach (no, I won’t do your laundry, I’m not that full service!!) I’m always sharing all kinds of tips with my students about all aspects of being a happy and successful actor! As actors we always need to be working on both our craft and the business of being an actor. Two amazing colleagues of mine put together a groupon that is specifically geared towards actors called

What’s great is that it gives you a minimum of 50% off of a huge range of products and services that can benefit either your craft, your career or both! There are a lot of pro photographers who will offer 50-70% off of a new headshot photo session. There are acting coaches (like me!), casting director workshops, online classes to help you produce your own short film or write a screenplay, nutritionists, accupuncturists, massage therapists, life coaches, deals on networking events, printing headshots, memberships to various film and TV groups, deals on film festivals, events, and so much more! And many of them are online so you can take advantage of the the deals whether you are in Boston or Bali, New York or New Delhi, Omaha or Okanawa…o.k. you get the picture!!!

As actors, you (we) need to consistently be working on your craft and your business. You need to be working on scenes in class or with a coach. You need to be constantly checking in so you know where you are in your craft and what you need to work on – like getting better at playing different kinds of roles, or working on accents, or working on being able to speak without an accent if you have one.

You also need to be thinking about producing your own content. Youtube is an incredible way to reach thousands of people and put yourself out there. You can produce your own short film or web series, or promote yourself on a feature film or when you’re appearing on a TV show or in the theatre. In this decade actors have to wear many hats, that of producer, writer, actor, publicist, promoter, etc. Industry deal has online or skype or in person classes and workshops to help you get better in all these areas! And the best part is that they are offered for 50 – 70 % off (but only for a limited time).

Actors also need to set clear goals and have a vision of how they see their careers developing. I’ll be writing more about how to set goals and develop a career plan. For years, I also taught a very popular class called “How To Take Control of Your Career” which I will be sharing with you in upcoming blogs. At my students request I may also be offering you guys an ebook version of my class so stay tuned for more details in the future.

But for now, be smart, save money, and check out  Once you register, you’ll receive daily emails with the latest offer. Choose what will benefit you most at whatever level your career is currently at.

So go forth with JOY and confidence and have FUN at your next audition. For those of you who have purchased MASTER YOUR AUDITION please let me know if you have questions and feel free to share your success stories with me. I’ll try to post some of them. I’ve already had so many people say that they’ve had some of their best auditions and have BOOKED THE PART! Yay!! Keep up the great work!!!!

all the best and blessings


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