How to MARKET yourself as an actor – or BUILD YOUR OWN BUZZ

November 5, 2011

Hey everyone!

As I often stress, to succeed you need the three “C”‘s, craft, confidence and contribution…well maybe it’s time to add  another “C” to the list and that would be “C”onnections to the list.

By “Connections”, I’m referring to building relationships with people in the industry WHO CAN HIRE you!

In other words, MARKETING!  It’s often so confusing for actors because we tend to think that if we develop our craft, confidence and a sense of contribution, then we’ll succeed.  If you don’t have the craft then it doesn’t matter who you know, you still won’t be successful (that’s exactly why I created the MASTER YOUR AUDITION video for you guys!). But you also need to learn how to market yourself and how to have FUN marketing yourself. you can be in joy, love and expansion both when you audition and when you work on marketing yourself as an actor.

In any business marketing is key. Well, it’s the same in the wonderful, crazy biz of showbiz…that’s why it’s called show BUSINESS. We all need to learn to understand what marketing is and how we can joyously get your brand,YOU, in front of people who can hire you.

As you know, I’m all about creating a worldwide community to help our actors in all areas of the business. I have a very, hip, smart, and marketing savvy colleague named Emily Grace who has the inside scoop on how to market yourself. She has a great course called Build Your Own Buzz which shows actors in simple but really effective steps how to develop and maintain relationships with people in the industry who can hire you on a consistent basis. You ever notice how many directors work with the same group of actors over and over? That’s because people want to work with actors they know and like and trust.

And you want to become one of those actors! Woohoo!!!! Oscars here we come!
But first you need to know who you are as an actor, what film, TV roles you’re right for and then you need to do the fun detective work of finding the directors, show runners, producers, writers, etc who work on shows and films that you’re right for and that inspire you!

Emily’s Build Your Own Buzz shows you EXACTLY how to do that. From A to Z. If you just sit around and wait for someone to discover you…well, it ain’t gonna happen! Learn to be proactive and take your career into your own hands. It’s a lot easier and simpler than you think!

so check out Emily Grace’s link and start building your own buzz. Check out one of her FREE VIDEOS with great info. tuned for more info and let me know what you think of Emily’s free videos!

all the best and blessings


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