Marketing Handbook for Actors

When you ask most actors what their goals are, they almost all reply saying, ‘I just want to work1″ This is precisely why so many actors (including you and I) spend years being frustrated and fail to create the career of their dreams. In order to succeed every actor needs to have a focused, specific and individualized marketing strategy!

Isn’t is time to stop wasting month after month, and year after year hoping that if you keep taking acting classes that you’ll eventually get discovered? The truth is that no one is going to discover least until you focus and decide who you want to discover you, for what kinds of projects and why? Do you want to star in a sitcom, cable dramedy, network crime drama, indie film, action adventure film, romantic comedy, etc?

Contrary to what you may have heard, in Hollywood it’s NOT about who you know, but WHAT YOU KNOW. To succeed in this business you need to know who you are!

You need to know

1) who you are as an actor and what makes you unique

2) what specific TV shows or films you can CONTRIBUTE to the most and why!

3) how to develop a fun strategy to to build and maintain relationships with the people who can hire you.

For almost 20  years, Benson Simmonds has been successfully motivating actors to channel their passion and creativity to achieve clear measurable career goals, and yes, even have FUN in the process. Benson is an award-winning actor, as well as a celebrated acting coach and marketing coach. He’s taught hundreds of actors at sold out marketing workshops through United States and Canada.

At his students requests, Benson has finally consolidated years of marketing secrets and strategies into a clear, concise and incredibly effective 60 page e-book called Power Up Your Acting Career. You no longer had to spend hundreds of dollars to get the exact information you need to set your own focused and individualized plan for success.

Not only that but Benson saves you a fortune by sharing his own secret resources and unique strategies, strategies that most actors didn’t know about..till now! But let’s face it, even if you know how to focus, if you don’t take action because you’re scared or intimidated (who me?) then you’re still not going to have the career you deserve.

Benson also includes his own unique  approach based on his soon-to-be-published “SOULAR POWER, 7 steps to joy and abundance by awakening the power of your soul”. In this remarkable handbook, Benson helps you reprogram yourself to change your attitude so marketing yourself actually becomes FUN!

At just $19.99, POWER UP YOUR ACTING CAREER, the ULTIMATE MARKETING GUIDE FOR ACTORS AND PERFORMERS is now available and affordable for every actor!

Isn’t it time to start living your dream career! Don’t just dream about it, live it! Now you can, by taking clear steps, you can share your gifts with the world!  Get the POWER UP YOUR ACTING CAREER today!

SPECIAL OFFERS - if you want to get a personal one-on-one marketing coaching session with Benson in person or on skype where Benson shows you exactly WHO YOU ARE as an actor and helps you develop your unique 3-year goal and success strategy, you can get  a FULL HOUR coaching for only $100.00 (reduced from the regular rate of $125.00). To order, email Benson at

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” AMAZING! this handbook gets you back on track, creating forward movement no matter where you are in your career”.

LISA LANGLOIS, working actor, just returned from working on a film with Eric Roberts

“The Power Up Your Acting Career Handbook (and seminar) helped me focus on who I am and put me on track. just days later I booked a great gig.

Benson you sure ROCK! I love your spirit! I told my friend/colleague, Zack that you are “spirit and action” rolled into one!
And your handbook jumps off the page with your contagious enthusiasm and amazing practical advice. I loved that you let us in on your secret resources and approach that KICKS career Butt!”

Dawn Ford, working actor, Toronto, recurring roles on 2 series

“Benson, I would like to express my gratitude towards you and for your efforts in making me a better person all around…I now know my focus. Your strategy and system are essential to my professional career. I just needed a vehicle (you) to clear the path for me. You taught me that following through is a huge factor in this crazy business. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and knowledge.”

Humberto L. Meza, actor and comedian

“Wow! This is a great little handbook!. The kind one can pick up and just read a few pages for inspiration, so bravo to you Benson! And your endearing personality shines through too.”

Donna Seidman, Montreal