TOP TEN MISTAKES ACTORS MAKE WHEN MOVING TO LA and often for years after they get here “Move to LA! Get to where the Big Studios are! Get to where the action is and make it happen!” Whether you’re a well-trained actor from New York or a newbie from Idaho, there seems to be this […]

Hey Everyone In my previous blog, I introduced you to the top 3 questions you need to ask when branding yourself successfully. Well here is your opportunity to take an exciting FIRST STEP to manifesting your career goals and branding success. This is your official CALL TO ACTION! I want you to take a simple […]

Let’s face it.  As actors we all want the same thing – to work! We want the chance to joyously share our talents and we dream of being able to make huge artistic contributions in film, TV and theatre. But how many actors set specific goals? Do you know exactly WHO YOU ARE as an […]

Was “the BLOB” actually a giant egg yoke? Ever since I went into 24 hour fitness and told the manager Jacob Hoffman that I wanted him to put my head over Brad Pitt’s body, I’ve been on a slow, fiercely fun  path to get a real 6-pack! For the past 8 months I’ve been eating […]

Every actor dreams of knowing how to develop instant chemistry with the casting director at an audition, and with the other actor on set. We’ve all met someone and felt a spark, whether it was a potential love interest or just a friend.  It’s a connection. You start talking about something and the other person […]

Everyone wants to know what makes a great actor. While there are so many intangibles, most would agree that actors like Hilary Swank and others who have won Academy awards or who continue to touch us in some way have common qualities in their work. Depth, passion, authenticity, believability, vulnerability, commitment, and versatility are some […]

Yes, there are a few essential qualities that an actor needs to become a star and today we’re going to focus on….well, let’s just say it’s something permeates every aspect of our culture. It’s everywhere – on billboards, in print, on the streets, in the office, in the home, and of course on TV and […]

So January of last year I joined 24 hour fitness and booked a couple of sessions with a trainer. I said, “I want to put my head over Brad Pitt’s body”.  You know how he responded…so LA! He said, “ from which movie?”.  I told him I didn’t care which movie…any Brad Pitt movie!!!! So […]

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! 2012 has arrived and with it a sense of excitement, newness and the feeling of striding confidently through a doorway marked “unlimited possibilities” (also known as the door to your audition room)!! Woohoo! As actors, it’s the time to let yourself dream BIG!  I’s also the time to set clear […]

Hey everyone! As I often stress, to succeed you need the three “C”‘s, craft, confidence and contribution…well maybe it’s time to add  another “C” to the list and that would be “C”onnections to the list. By “Connections”, I’m referring to building relationships with people in the industry WHO CAN HIRE you! In other words, MARKETING!  […]