Hey Everyone! Because I’ve always been a full service kind of acting coach (no, I won’t do your laundry, I’m not that full service!!) I’m always sharing all kinds of tips with my students about all aspects of being a happy and successful actor! As actors we always need to be working on both our […]

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Name the Objective series which I’ll be sharing with you on an ongoing basis. If you’ve purchased MASTER YOUR AUDITON, then you already know the “OBJECTIVE” of the scene is the most important part of script analysis for auditions and for working on set. The objective in the scene is […]

Hey everyone!

July 28, 2011

Welcome to my very first blog entry at Master Your Audition!  Woohoo! I’m excited about sharing with you guys, actors from all over the world, the techniques that will empower you to give GREAT auditions. I’m learned SO MUCH being a working actor over the past 20 (wow, that’s a lot of years!) and even […]